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The first funeral urn

My passion for woodworking motivates me to create unique objects.
Transforming raw wood into noble, elegant and durable objects is fascinating and rewarding.

I made my first urn when my mother died in 2005, I put all my emotions into it to create a unique piece for her.
His departure made me realize that nothing is certain and that life is ephemeral.

It is in this state of mind that I made the decision to open my cabinetmaking workshop in 2006. I discovered there the pleasure of entrepreneurship while nourishing my creative side.

In 2014, I had to make the most difficult cremation urn of all, that of my son who died at 18 in a car accident. Despite my pain, I felt the need to make it with my own hands. During the realization   I became aware of the symbol represented by a funerary urn.

It was the best way to pay my son a last authentic tribute.

This ordeal transformed me, as well as my way of creating and making my funeral urns.

Urnes Raymond finally saw the light of day in 2021. I set up my workshop at home in Drummondville where I put all my respect and my passion into each of my creations, to create quality pieces, which in turn will allow you to return to a loved one, an authentic tribute.


Serge Raymond,


To my son and accomplice Jonathan

May your memory be eternal

A funeral urn, the symbol of a life

A cremation urn is much more than a simple wooden box.

It is above all the symbol of a life, a symbol of respect and humility.

It is the memory of the deceased, the possibility of keeping his ashes.

It is the symbol of a last tribute to a person who is dear to us.

Herbe blanche

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